Real Estate Technology

We assist, lead, launch and invest in technology companies providing B2B and B2C real estate solutions that have the potential to transform the industry.

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Real Estate Investment

We deploy capital into a diversified portfolio of real estate projects and strategies on behalf of Rivadia, High Net worth Individuals, Foundations and Private Equity funds garnering consistent superior returns.

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Real Estate Development

We source, secure, purchase, entitle, and develop compelling real estate in dynamic geographies across the country to the delight of our residents, corporate tenants, buyers, and community members while achieving market-leading investment returns.

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Corporate Real Estate Services

We advise and provide finance and development solutions for Non-Profit and For-Profit Organizations to better operationalize and leverage their real estate portfolios.

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To create cutting-edge companies, innovative developments and market-leading investment strategies at the cross section of technology and real estate.

Meet Our Founder:
Joe Carrol

Mr. Joe Carrol is the founder of Rivadia. He has more than 20 years experience in real estate, technology and investing. Rivadia was formed after realizing, to Mr. Carrol’s dismay, the lack of significant capital and human resources devoted to innovation and technology in real estate, despite outsized returns available to those who devote such resources.




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